• Peter Darrel Kindig with IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz
  • Peter Darrel Kindig with IDF Staff
  • Narrowgate security staff conducting firearms training.
  • Narrowgate security staff training for executive transport and protection.
  • Owner, Peter Darrel Kindig with Jordanian Security Forces.

Who We Are

Narrow Gate Security Agency is comprised of internationally recognized security experts. We utilize a proven system performance based risk assessment methodology for the evaluation and design of physical security systems. The tactical services and expertise we offer are on par with those provided by military and security forces posted around the world.

Our prestigious list of experts are the world’s leading authorities (United States Military and  National Laboratories) encompassing the protection of the Secretary of Defense, Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and foreign dignitaries as well as Commanders for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), Northern Command, and Air Force Space Command. Our executive protection team partners serve Fortune 500 Companies, government embassies, members of royal families and high profile clientele.  

NGSA provides military/security training directly to and/or supplements government armed forces with private military staff. We, along with our team partners, also are employed by private companies and international corporations providing Executive Protection Services for key holder staff and their facilities, especially in hostile territories. NGSA does not act as an offensive force in any war zone and is in full compliance with the concept outlined in the Geneva Conventions and explicitly specified by the US Military Commissions Act.

How We Do It

Our success is attributed to our commitment to excellent service, integrity, and reliability. It is said that strong alliances are NOT made because of making promises, rather strong alliances are made because of promises kept. NGSA is dedicated to Protecting and Serving. Protecting first those we serve and serving those we encounter on a daily basis. Providing aid and educational services to the civilian population by random acts of humanitarian assistance. Lending to peace by having a heightened, “Situational Awareness” of community and culture in the midst of hostile and volatile operations.

We have the exclusive ability to perform needed scientific vulnerability assessments for global critical energy infrastructure. There is an immediate need for security improvements due to increased  international terrorist activity and capabilities.  Research conducted by the US Commerce Department in 2011 confirms the worldwide market is expected to grow 30%-40% over the next four years concerning American made security solutions.

We have assembled a list of companies whose technology is approved and licensed by the US Department of State and are ready to commit their resources to the improvements as suggested by our vulnerability assessments.